Creating and Organizing Environments

Code Ocean’s researcher user experience for creating ready-to-use computational environments. The Computational Workbench provides easy-to-use user interface to select start-up environments including operating system, tools, and packages. Researchers can quickly edit and generating custom environments before executing projects.

Organizing and Accessing Data Sets

Using Code Ocean’s secure, shared repository bioinformatics, the entire computational research team can easily access and maintain a centralized “system-of-record” for all research data sets.

Automating Traceability and Reproducibility of Computational Results

Watch Alicia Liu, Solution Scientist at Code Ocean, demonstrate how Code Ocean automates traceability and reproducibility of your computational results.

App Panel for Interactive Analysis

Using the Code Ocean Computational Workbench App Panel researchers share results by generating and publishing easy to use, point-n-click, web analysis apps to teams of scientists without any IT, coding, or using the command line.

Research Collaboration and Sharing

Researchers have an easy to use environment to share and collaborate on analysis and results.  It is easy to set permissions to collaborate with users within your organization. Only authorized users can view/duplicate, or edit your project work.

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